GDS Support Tools and Program Downloads

Microsoft Installation Clean Up Utility
- to resolve some Windows Update issues which surround our Microsoft SQL Server Database system.

Windows Installer v3.1 - required on some early Windows XP or 2000 computers.

Windows XP Service Pack 3 - The GDS Microsoft SQL Server Database system requires at least Service Pack 2 when installed on Windows XP. You can download Service Pack 3 directly from Microsoft here.

MDAC Database Support Librarys - for older Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 2000 which do not support Microsoft SQL Server directly.

Adobe Acrobat Reader - we provide PDF versions of our Help File which can sometimes make the help file more useful when reading it as a document. We are licensed distributors of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Dot Net Framework 2 - Microsoft Dot Net Framework v2.



GDS Client (UK Settings) GDS Workshop Manager (UK Settings)

GDS Client (Ireland Settings) GDS Workshop Manager (Ireland Settings)

GDS Client (Version 6) GDS Workshop Manager (Version 6)

GDS SQL Database Server GDS SQL Database Server

SQL Server 2005 for 64bit systems - for 64bit systems which require 64bit SQL Server. Manual installation required to be run by GDS support staff.

GDS SageLink Module - GDS SageLink Module Program files and Sage Data Engine Files

GDS Parts Manager - GDS Parts Manager (GDS PM)
GDS Parts Manager Database - SQL Database for PM

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